DVCapp Release for iPhone

DVCapp Release for iPhone

Several months ago a savvy programmer launched a website where you could enter searches for DVC availability and receive alerts when availability changed. Disney Vacation Club kindly asked the creator to take down the website, but she has now released an app for the iPhone called DVCapp. I received the email below and have since downloaded the app. As compared to the original website, which used her personal Disney Vacation Club login information, the app uses your personal account information. It appears the availability information displayed is not real-time, I am imagining searches are done only a few times a day.  Since Disney Vacation Club introduced the Availability Checker on DVCMember.com, the usefulness of this app is not a pronounced, but I still find the app helpful in displaying all of the information in one place as well as the email alerts. Something the Availability Checker on the DVCMember.com website is not capable of.

The email I received:

DVCapp is available for download in the iTunes App Store. Get it here:

Download DVCapp

DVCapp has all the features of the old website, with a couple major changes:

  • Only people with a valid DVCmember.com account can perform searches.
  • The availability is now gathered by the users of DVCapp, rather than my lone account doing all the work.

I hope you enjoy the app. Please be patient for the first bit of time as the bugs are worked out. In particular, as users come online who have home resorts other than Grand Californian, I will need to make adjustments in order to identify them. Also, the availability data will be fairly stale until there are a few dozen users, as the users are the ones providing the availability data.

Disney willing, this app will last longer than the last version of DVCapp. My hope is that restricting it to DVC members will keep anyone at Disney from getting worked up about my project.

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